Utilization of all marketing methods available is worthless if there is no effort made to prepare the home to sell. If you want the maximum price from your home, you will need to inspire buyers to offer the maximum.  Buyers shop for value and lifestyle. Value is determined by the condition and lifestyle by comfort.  When both exist in your home, a buyer is inspired to offer their maximum.

To put your home above the competition, de-clutter, deep clean, organize, make repairs and finally stage the home.

De-clutter – There is nothing more distracting to a buyer than clutter.  A buyer will form an opinion that the overall condition of your home is in need of repair.

Get some boxes and mark them.

  • Throw-Away – these items have no value or useful purpose to you
  • Give – Away –  these items have no value or usefulness to you, but may to other
  • Sell – items for garage sale
  • Store – items not needed on a daily basis

Tackling this one room at time will energize you to move on to the next.

Deep Cleaning – usually once you have de-cluttered a room, you will see dirt and grime that’s been hiding.  If you want a buyer to offer the maximum price for your home, it will need to be sparkling clean.  This is not just a surface clean, it should include windows, baseboards, drawers, cabinets and other areas a buyer will explore.

Organization – Follow up your deep cleaning with organization of closets, drawers and pantries to show off the space. Remember a buyer will be looking at these areas Clutter in these areas sends a message to buyers your home lacks sufficient storage.

Make Repairs –  During the home selling consultation, your Realtor discussed minimal repairs needed for a successful home inspection and appraisal report, as well as other repairs that will inspire the buyer to pay more for your home. Do the repairs prior to putting you home on the market.

Staging Your Home –  Statics show that a staged home sells faster and for more. Staging is different than decorating. We tend to decorate to our own personal tastes. Staging is depersonalizing by removing your family photos, trinkets and excess furniture to help a buyers vision their own items in your home. Then, move on to Step 4.